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Statutory Demand Services

There is now a quick and cost effective legal process to help you collect your debt(s) in just a few days.

The Statutory Demand for Payment (under section 268 of the Insolvency Act 1986) is the legal process used by government (HMRC) and debt recovery companies to collect debts. And now you can use it too.

What Does A Statutory Demad Do?

A Statutory Demand gives individuals, limited companies, LLP's, sole traders or partnerships up to 18 days warning to pay the debt after receiving the demand. After that the Statutory Demand has runs its course and it can be followed with a bankruptcy or winding up petition.

In the minds of a debtor or a debtor’s solicitor a Statutory Demand is the legal equivalent of a shot acros the bow'. This is because the average debtor is unsure about what may follow so they usually pay up. In fact Statutory Demands are successful in 99% of cases meaning a bankruptcy or winding up petition is never issued.

The reason why a Statutory Demand is so powerful is that the mere prospect of a petition, no matter how easily dismissed triggers a domino effect on borrowing and many other agreements. Many legal agreements, particularly those related to credit and mortgages, contain a provision which enables the creditor to call in the loan if the debtor has a petition for bankruptcy issued against them.

Compensation & Interest

On the 16th March 2013 the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2013 came into force. This new legislation now allows business to claim the cost of debt recovery from its debtors. Under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts legislation is also the facility to claim compensation from debtors allowing creditors to add compensation directly to outstanding invoice(s) and any legal process like Statutory Demands. Interest at 8.5% can also be added to unpaid invoices even if your invoices or terms & conditions did not allow for interest and can be back dated up to 6 years.

Act Now

With Statutory Demand Services there are no expensive solicitors fees, high upfront admin fees or commission charges ( normally15-35%) to pay to debt recovery companies. Statutory Demand Services will complete all the documentation required for your Statutory Demand and issue on your behalf within 48/72 hours ( or a special 24 hour service is available) following your completed instructions. We do this for as little as £95, which is added to the debt along with back dated interest and compensation and then recovered from your debtor(s).


Now you don't need to go to the expense and time of County Courts to start legal proceedings, which can take months before you even have a court date by then it might be too late to collect the money you are owed. You can have your case reviewed for Free without any commitment just complete our online form Here and an adviser will review your details and call you back. In the meantime visit our FAQ's section Here